Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stephen's first post!!

Hi everyone.
Well, I thought that writing was hard to accomplish.........think again!!
Trying to get awareness of your book out there is as difficult if not mor so than actually slaving over a novel for years and then publishing it.
For us Indies, it gets even worse,........most newspapers, magazines and brick and mortar bookshops will not either review or stock your humble creation, howvere thrilling, suspenseful, entertaining or informative it may be!!
When my friends had finished reading my manuscript of The Taba Convention, I thought that it would be a piece of cake to get it out there. Well, I was right about the "getting it out there" bit, because the people at CreateSpace were wonderful, and helped me along until I got the product that I wanted. The cover was just right, suspense and spies mixed in with conspiracy and action........the interior came out just as I wanted and everything was, is good.....except sales.
Still, I am learning now to get onto the blogsites, write comments, write my blog, send email requests for reviews and other stuff.
We indies will win in the end, do not give up, take a Churchillian attitude and ride positively into the battle to get known!!
I am already on my horse!! I invite you to explore my website for all my books and the stories behind them!
Cheers, Stephen
Stephens link to Amazon Kindle
Take a peek at my book on Kindle, you will love the read......and my second book, The Righteous Within will be out by year end!!!

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