Monday, 29 August 2011

The Terror attack in Israel and The Taba Convention

I lived in Eilat for many years and also during the time that Israel gave back Taba to the Egyptians after international arbitration.
It was at around that time that I decided top write a book, and made up the plot for The Taba Convention, a Middler East thriller about a conspiracy to blow up a peace signing ceremony in Taba.
I started the book way back then, and little did I realize that one of the scenes in the book, at the 'Netafim' border crossing near Eilat, would actually be very near where the deadly terrorist attack earlier this month happened!!
Anyway, its a small world!
I can tell you all that I have posted so many copies of The Taba Convention off to newspapers, bloggers and magazines. I am waiting for news about reviews, and hope that finally there will be awareness of my book out there!!
 I am in 'patience' mode, as I know that everyone is busy and it will take some time for everyone to get around to reading and then reviewing my book.
The Righteous Within is now in final edit and will be out in October, so that is really getting me excited!!
So, thats all for now,  all you Indie guys, do not doubt that we will win in the end!!!
Cheers, Stephen

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