Thursday, 1 September 2011

Who do you believe in as a writer?

I have spent many hours thinking about who I have to believe in as a writer, and I mean apart from myself!
You hvae spent days, weeks, months and maybe years slaving over your book, and finally you have the first manuscript. You are happy, delirious, proud and roaring to get the book out into the nworld so that everyone can nejoy it. But that is just when your troubles are beginning.
You send the manusrcipt for editing and editorial comments. You ask friends to read the manuscript.
Everyone comes back with comments and that is where you start wondering.
It happened to me too, do not worry!
Some readers said that the book was great, the plot intriguing and fast moving, the characters well developed, the dialogue good.....and the book very enjoyable.
Some said the opposite entirely, so who do you believe???
Well, I believed in my editors. They gave me timely advice on the plot, the flow, where I wrote too much, where too little. They gave me direction in character development, dialogue and sentence structure. They edited my whole manusrcipt. They told me that my writing is better than many well known writers, better grammatically, a better read.
So, weeks later, after undergoing changes, cuts, plot flow changes, dialogue and sentence structural changes, my book was ready for the world. I thought I had the ultimate product, ready for the world to enjoy, and...................WRONG!!!
OK, so many readers now really enjoy my book, but where did I come upo against it, you ask?
I sent my book to bloggers. They have followings and I wanted to tap into the followings, get my book out there!
Now, I wonder where these bloggers learned how to tell a good book? Are they majors in English? Have they written books? Who are they? Where do they come from and how did they learn their craft?
The answer is not known, but a blogger wrote abouit my book....the writing is "O.K", the dialogue flat, too much description of things "she could care less about", and more. Now, who do you believe? An editor who is professional at what he does, or someone you do not know who is criticising your work???
I guess that it all boils down to the one phrase; "Each unto his own", some will like the book and the way it is written, and some will not!
Do not take it to heart my fellow writers, that is the way it is, and many people will read your books and love them, but they not necessarily be the bloggers!!!
All the best, and enjoy The Taba Convention!!! Its a great suspenseful, thrilling read!! I believe in it!!

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