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My Four Bucks review of The Taba Convention

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I was so pleased today to see the great review the 'My Four Bucks' gave to The Taba Convention!
It does make you feel elated that people enjoy what you wrote and praise it!!
Please take a look:
* From the author for review *

In the beginning of The Taba Convention, Jordan Kline rushes to the aid of a car accident victim, only to hear the dying words of ex-colleague Josh.  Jordan served with Josh in the Mossad 10 years ago, but left that life behind him long ago.  Jordan Kline is now the General Manager of the Sands Hotel and happily living with his girlfriend Irit in Eilat on the Red Sea.

Kline is troubled by Josh's last words and begins to dig a little into his death and begins to uncover a dangerous and deadly plot to upset the Taba Convention; an attempt to sign a peace agreement in the Middle East.

Author Stephen Ayers has taken a risk writing a political thriller with a peace convention in the Middle East at it's centre; but regardless of current events, his novel The Taba Convention still 'works'.

If you are the type to judge a book by its cover, you might assume this is a book geared towards engaging male readers. I can honestly tell you that Kline's occupation as General Manager of a Hotel makes him accessible to all readers and sets him apart from the main characters found in other action thriller novels on the market.

Ayers does a magnificent job transporting the reader to the dusty sands of the Middle East and in particular: Eilat, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and I enjoyed seeing the landscape through Kline's eyes.  The Taba Convention sets a cracking pace and I enjoyed this novel immensely.  In fact, if I could have ordered room service from the Sands Hotel while reading, I would have!

My rating = ****

That's my four bucks!

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