Sunday, 11 December 2011

Self publishing and the internet - Stephen W. Ayers The Taba Convention

Hi everyone.
Well, these past days I have discovered that there are many great people who have tried their hand at writing, have gone the whole way and self published.......and that is no mean feat at all!!
Firstly, to have thought up a plot, taken the time to develop it, then actually write the book, is a feat that many do not arrive at in their lives!
They have written to the best of their ability, and are sure, just as I am , that their book is a good book, the cover a good cover and the story great!
Then they edit the manuscript, design the cover, the layout......all done with tender love......and then they post it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook and all the others, and sits back to see if it will sell....and sits....and sits...and sits!!
This after they have built a beautiful website, posted Author pages on many other very worthy sites and much more, and still no sales!!!!!
Then along comes the REAL social media and gives them a great boost!
During the past week I have connected Facebook to Twitter, followed so many interesting people on Twitter, got followed by many people and I am on the way!!
I have tweeted, retweeted, and my 'virtual' friends have retweeted me and that is great!!
I have friends who are as interested in making my book a success as I am in helping them!!
Try it and see..........friends will be there all along the way to help get awareness of your book out there.........You just have to reach out and touch them!!!
Thanks to all who have helped, you are great!!!!
I know I am going to succeed!
Stephen Ayers.

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