Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Junying Kirk: Amazing Review of The Taba Convention

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Courtesy from Author
Taba Convention, the first of Stephen W Ayers‘s Jordan Kline series set in the Middle East was a fantastic read, from start to finish. I’m glad that I started it on the first day of my holiday when I knew I had plenty of time for reading and not being distracted by other demands in everyday life.
As I sat under the palm trees facing the mighty Atlantic, I indulged in two days of uninterrupted reading, going on an exciting adventure taking in the Red Sea, Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, in a part of the world which sounded familiar but to which I’ve never been before, with only some vague idea about the huge problems which have been created throughout history, the non-stop conflicts of different cultures and religions, the struggles of different world organisations to bring peace to that region, and the seeming futility of it all.
I was hooked from the very beginning, as the author began with a number of killings in different locations but somehow intrinsically related.  Packed with action, Mr Ayers tells the story with great characters, convincing plots and at a wonderful pace. It has everything I like in a good book, and it is very well written.
The author delivers a great thriller on different levels. I was highly  impressed with his  understanding of the background, geography and history of the Middle East and his insider knowledge of the hotel businesses, which made sure that his characters and their actions are believable, and the plot plausible. There is a great combination of necessary information and the progress of plot which is pivotal in a fast-paced action thriller. As a reader, I willingly followed the protagonists and enjoyed the ride as Jordan Kline dove into intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracy, showing sheer determination to find out the truth and stop the disaster brewing.
I would not hesitate recommending this book. It’s a wonderful read beautifully executed. I would love to follow more of Jordan Kline’s other adventures. Excellent job, Stephen Ayers!

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